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I understand the effects a criminal accusation can have on your life, family and even career. When you set out to defend yourself, you want an aggressive attorney who understands what's at stake and will treat your case accordingly.

At Rod Sylvester Attorney at Law, P.C., you will find a dedicated, experienced attorney who knows the implications of a criminal charge and what to do about them. I have been defending South Central Alabama for 20 years. My approach works.

Strong Legal Help With Social Security Disability Claims

The claims process for Social Security Disability Insurance can be long and confusing. Many people make serious mistakes without even realizing they have made one. Things like missing crucial information or not getting the right medical form from your healthcare provider can be disastrous for a claim. A denial letter is devastating when you were hoping for help with bills and living expenses.

As an attorney, I understand the complex process that comes with these applications. I also know that denied claims are common, and what to do to move past one. I can help those facing denied claims get past their roadblocks and get the benefits they have earned.

Placing An Emphasis On Communication And Results

A crucial part of being an experienced attorney is being accessible to those you represent. At Rod Sylvester Attorney at Law, P.C., I get this and always keep you informed on the status of your case. Communication is a key part of my legal strategy. I will work closely with you throughout all aspects of your case.

I know that talk is just talk without the results to prove it. I have almost two decades' worth of results to back up my aggressive, proactive approach to legal defense. When you come to Rod Sylvester Attorney at Law, P.C., you can be assured that your best interests come first. There will never be a compromise when it comes to your rights. I am ready to fight for a fair settlement or take your case to trial when necessary.

Experienced Criminal Defense and Social Security Disability Help for South Central Alabama

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At Rod Sylvester Attorney at Law, P.C., you aren't just a case number.

I understand how important your case is to you. When you hire me, it becomes just as important to me, too. When you're facing criminal accusations or a Social Security Disability claim issue, get the help you need now.

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